Chiropractic Adjustment

The purpose of Chiropractic Adjustment, or spinal manipulation, is to help improve the body’s well-being and motion. Your nervous system which runs through your spine goes to every muscle, organ, and body part. Chiropractic Adjustment helps your body to communicate and heal. Schedule an appointment with Abundant Living Chiropractic today. You can change your life.


The nervous system is the master system of the body. Your brain, spinal cord, and nerves control the function of every muscle, organ, and joint in the body. We use gentle adjusting methods such as the Activator, Blocks, and a drop table to align your vertebrae and to optimize spinal nerve flow. We use advanced techniques to find and treat the cause of the problem instead of chasing symptoms.

• Quantum Neurology – Specialized type of cold laser to rehabilitates damaged nerves to greatly accelerate the healing process. We have seen consistently amazing results with this technique including vision, hearing, and damaged nerve areas restored.

• Applied Kinesiology – We find the areas of concern using muscle testing to better be able to find what benefits the body most and balance the muscular system to create that harmony. The cornerstone of our model that directs us in discovering the relationship between your symptoms and underlying causes.

• TTAPS – Breaks down scar tissue to restore normal range of motion, blood flow and nerve flow to restore normal function.