Flower Mound Chiropractor

Dr. Mark Ahrens

Doctor of Chiropractic in Flower Mound, Texas

Chiropractor in Flower Mound

At Abundant Living Chiropractic we are a chiropractor in Flower Mound putting the pieces together to care for the whole person. We are the top choice for those looking for not only pain relief, but getting to the core reasons behind your health concerns. As a trusted chiropractor in Flower Mound, Dr. Ahrens effortlessly incorporates his vast knowledge and multiple techniques to address the real root causes by evaluating your lab work for functional ranges to get insight for the best approach and preventative care measures. He offers an array of the best Flower Mound Chiropractic services including Nutrition, Labs, Emotional stress relief, and precise Chiropractic adjustments using low force techniques and Applied Kinesiology.

Flower Mound Chiropractic Services


Neuro-Emotional Technique
Weight Loss
Sports Medicine
Lower Back Pain
Neck Pain
Pinched Nerve
Blood work


At our office you are like family and we truly love our patients and care for whole families. Dr. Ahrens is excellent at Nerve Rehabilitation, autoimmune issues, and the emotion body connection. His patients fondly refer to him as the magic man. With a heart for service and his compassionate, caring, and witty personality he is your top choice for a chiropractor in Flower Mound and an in-depth Health Care Practitioner where you can expect amazing results!


  • We can order blood work, hormone panels, food sensitivity testing and heavy metal analysis.
  • Offer Standard Process detox plans and other weight loss plans including supplementation and balancing hormones.
  • We will co-treat and work with your Primary Care Physician on complicated cases.
  • Offer Neuro-Emotional technique with extended sessions when needed. Dr. Mark Ahrens and Dr. Kendall Ahrens are both N.E.T. certified.
  • We Offer Nerve Rehabilitation with GRT low level red light.
  • We work with our in-house massage therapist (Susan Hare- Warren) who has experience co-managing many particular health cases.